Lately in the GC: New Noise. There are no rules in the cooking game.

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Graffiti Cookery: Currently

Been busy cooking…


Graffiti Cookery: Currently

Been busy cooking…


Act As If - Pathetic [blink-182 cover]
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Today 9.26.13: A Birthday Surf

Peace & tranquility…it’s been a good day:)

Soundtrack: “Pathetic [blink-182 cover]” - Act As If

The GC Crisp[in] Glover Trout & Stuff

Crisp skin steelhead trout, roasted beech shrooms+tri-color string beans, herb roasted heirloom tomato, enoki shrooms, baby kale, the GC Shoryuken! sauce.

*Pairs well w/ punching out Biff Tannen & over-acting.


The GC Late Night 20min Super Simple Quick Eats

Garlic+shallot fried rice w/ peas & scrambled eggs, herbs, fried egg, sriracha.

#SimpleFood #FoodPorn

Now, Now - Dead Oaks
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Date Night: Sbicca

Del Mar, San Diego, CA

It’s San Diego Restaurant Week aaannnddd we totally forgot about it until the last minute. Made reservations at this place we walked by every time we had a beach day in Del Mar. Surprisingly A-OK…

  • Gazpacho - Heirloom tomatoes, basil, olive oil*
  • Coconut Shrimp - Pineapple salsa, orange marmalade*
  • Sumac Dusted Striped Bass - Bulghar wheat tabouli, morroccan relish*
  • Grilled Tri-Tip - Sweet potato mash, asparagus, maitake mushrooms, salsa verde*
  • Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding - Tahitian vanilla bean gelato
  • Coconut Panna Cotta - Grilled pineapple, toasted coconut, caramel rum sauce*
  • Imbibe - Some sauvingnon blanc from New Zealand

*Food pics poached from Sbicca’s FB page.

Topics of Convo: The Colleen & Alf new car drama. Locals. Hats. The school year so far. Reservations & some yummy looking french eats next Friday w/ the Basneys +2. Holly’s nasty poke at 333. Sexual innuendos. iOS 7. People who are afraid of change. Remaking the Goonies w/ a soundtrack by CHVRCHES = awesome. 1980s awesomeness. The crazy busy week we just had & probability of it being just as crazy next week. Escaping the craziness w/ date nights. Wondering the relationship status of the couple at the table across from us who ordered the exact same dishes in each course: Perfect match or boringly unadventurous? Listening to “Africa” by Toto on the drive here & singing our lungs out during the chorus. Embracing our place in humanity as true nerds. Embracing our inner cheesiness. Living in the moment is different than collecting moments, I like both but prefer the latter. Briefly talking about sad situations involving family members that we don’t want to dwell on. Drug trafficking in the Humboldt area & some peeps we know up there [say no to drugs y’all, that ish rots your brain]. The arrogant dude trying to liquor up the lady he was w/ & loudly announcing to surrounding tables that he was a rich & completely stereotypical DB just by his actions & conversation topics. Our 1st few months dating each other & looking back on it how awkward we were. Looking thru old photos, bday & valentine’s cards from our early days together before dinner…sheesh we were young & immature…but we’re still immature;)

9.20.13 #DateNight soundtrack: “Dead Oaks” - Now, Now

[Sidenote: Our server talked like & looked like a clean cut version of Jay from Jay & Silent Bob. We chatted about the new AirDrop option in iOS 7 & how he went to a restaurant earlier during restaurant week & was served a salad the size of a Thanksgiving turkey & how ridiculous, in a bad way, that was. He was a cool dude & nice bloke. Initiative: #CollectMemoriesNotThings]

The GC Fakie “Scallops” Frontside 180 to Crooked Veggie Grind Salad

Seared king trumpet mushroom “scallops” & strips, roasted baby carrots, red pepper grilled baby corn & tri-colored string beans, green leafy stuff, garlic+shallot vinaigrette, sesame+hoisin sauce.


More cooking tomfoolery here:

The GC Old Skool Umamituccine

Porcini mushroom black noodle fettuccine, pancetta+king trumpet mushroom cream sauce, garlic crostini

#SimpleFood #CookOrDie

Little Daylight - Restart
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Date Night: The Lion’s Share

Marina District, San Diego, CA

You know date night is gonna be rad when the drive down to a fave restaurant of ours turns into a mobile shake your bum dance party soundtracked by cheesy music. We nerds…

  • Bruschetta - Seasonal offerings…tonight was uni
  • LS Deviled Eggs [4] - Espelette, Caviar, Truffle & Prosciutto, Quail Confit
  • Steak Tartare - Smoked farm egg yolk, crispy leeks, granny smith apple, sherry vinaigrette
  • Lamb Bolognese Fries - Parmesan, fine herbs
  • Antelope Sliders - Red onion marmalade, smoked gouda, mustard aioli
  • Imbibe - The Hunter Thompson: Pineapple infused rum, mezcal, agave & raspberry syrup, lime, bitters [for her] & I’ll Be Your Huckleberry: Aged rum, lime, tamarind, sriracha bitters [for me]

Our fave spot for adventure time eating & looking at rad decor, like prints of people in different eras in history but with animal heads eg Napoleon w/ a lion’s head…

Topics of Convo: Classroom hijinks. Brayden’s new glasses & new saying “I just don’t care!” Good times skateboarding downtown when I used to live in Banker’s Hill. My wife’s love of hats & how I love the way she looks wearing them. Indiana Jones. VSCOcam. My all time fave picture that I’ve ever taken is the epic kiss of Dawn & Dylan I’ve named “In Fair Verona”. Lil dude’s brag bag & poetry party. His rad teacher this year. The awesomeness of the dishes we had tonight & how the ingredients are so different than your average eatery: Uni, caviar, quail confit, lamb, antelope. The lamb bolognese fries giving carne asada fries competition for being the tastiest fries dish ever. Drinks w/ cool names: I’ll Be your Huckleberry. Val Kilmer. Tombstone. My wife’s 1st ever perfect parallel parking on the 1st try. Brownies. My stance on drugs: Just say no. My habit of putting on the hood of my hoodie when exiting a restaurant…dork. Trying to figure out the reason 4 really hot girls were sitting at their table w/ no dudes in sight: Girls night out, bachelorette, really hot lesbians? Holly asking My wife how we do date nights every Friday & wife’s response being: We don’t spend money on material things we don’t need, basically Tyler Durden’s diatribe in Fight Club [she doesn’t buy expensive bags, shoes w/ European names nobody cares about, etc & I don’t buy man crap, guy toys, car stuff, etc…well maybe cooking stuff;)]. We spend money on things we both love to DO together. She even told her our mantra: Collect moments not things. And knowing is half the battle…

9.13.13 #DateNight soundtrack: “Restart” - Little Daylight

[Sidenote: We hate motorcycles. The husband of someone we know about, thru different friends, died last night in a motorcycle accident leaving her & kids husbandless & fatherless. My uncle died a couple of years ago & my wife’s cousin last year. Life is short. #CollectMemoriesNotThings]

The GC Sonic Boom Swordfish & Stuff

Seared swordfish, herb roasted taters, prosciutto, zucchini, watermelon radish, baby heirloom tomato, tarragon, lemon, hoisin, saffron.

*Yes, this dish & plating is inspired & named after Guile’s spinny special move in Street Fighter II.


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Fight For Every Point.
2013 US Open Champion: Rafael Nadal

Fight For Every Point.

2013 US Open Champion: Rafael Nadal


The Bronzed Chorus - For the City Lights
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Date Night: Prepkitchen

Del Mar, San Diego, CA

Hot & muggy night. Been like that all week in SD. Outdoor seating under white lights, ocean air, good eats, sangria…the cure.

  • Beet Salad - Spinach, satsuma, avocado, goat cheese, almonds & balsamic vinaigrette
  • Charred Octopus - Chorizo, fava beans, chickpeas & sherry
  • Shrimp Radiatori - Baby heirloom tomatoes, fresno chile, pesto & olive oil breadcrumbs
  • Roasted Pork Belly - Pickled rhubarb, marinated fennel, radish, watercress & molasses glaze
  • Imbibe - Ice cold sangria

Haven’t been to this place since last year during the soft opening after they had to rebuild due to a kitchen fire. Food was ok during that soft opening, understandable. New staff, new cooks, new everything. This time though the food was on point flavorful. The octopus & pork belly dishes were flavor explosions.

Topics of Convo: The wife’s 1st week back at skool. My running around like a chicken w/ it’s head cut off & clusterfudge of a work week [seriously, never had a 4 day work week that was so disorganized, throwing papers in the air-like & jam-packed of stuff ever]. The crappy week of weather we just had. Marco’s wedding last weekend & how fun it was. Road trips. Birthdays. Architecture & always having to stop by that architectural firm on Camino Del Mar. Farmer’s market baskets being delivered to your home. Dream kitchen equipment. Hospitality. US Open tennis. My father-in-law being so bummed & bratty about having to get rid of his beloved car & refusing to even get in & drive/ride in the new one. Kelly & how she seems genuinely nice. Holly & how she seems genuinely bitchy. “There is no spoon.” Keanu Reeves. Spencer & Stephanie’s new & adorable little baby, Erik. Batman. Batfleck. Remembering the time we maniacally drove thru the Hollywood hills w/ Burch & Lawrence blasting Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down”. Gobuty’s love life & how he should’ve never left Carissa. The awesomeness of beets & pickled rhubarb. The radness of Peter Schilling’s “Coming Home [Major Tom]” blasting from Prepkitchen’s soundsystem. Candle lit tables. The drunk girl at the table next to us who’ll probably not remember the sex she’s gonna have w/ her date [that has a ridiculous & over the top European accent] tonight after dinner. How we’re total nerds b/c we’re super stoked to watch more Friday Night Lights episodes at home after dinner…hence tonight’s date night soundtrack that eerily sounds like an Explosions In the Sky tune…

9.07.13 #DateNight soundtrack: “For the City Lights” - The Bronzed Chorus

[Sidenote: We were handed the dessert menu but we were so full. There was an option on there: Kitchen Sixer $7.00. Buy a round of drinks for the kitchen. Of course we did. Told our server that I wanted to get that for the kitchen staff & the check. Before the check came out, a guy came to our table & said hello, shook hands, sat next to us & said that he was one of the cooks & “thank you”. He talked to us for a bit, genuinely nice young dude. Totally unexpected. Made me & the wife smile. Initiative: #CollectMemoriesNotThings]   

The GC Meatless “Scallops” & Egg Appz

Seared hearts of palm, soft boiled egg, pickled watermelon radish, micro green leafy stuff, lime, chile, saffron aioli.


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Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
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Marco + Amy

My old college buddy Marco got married up in Ventura over the weekend. Me, the wife & some college friends did our best at being silly.

*The 1st two songs that came up on the radio on the drive up were “Making  Love Out of Nothing at All” by Air Supply & “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Me & the wife new every single lyric to both & sang our lungs out…don’t judge.

Soundtrack: "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond


The GC Alien Workshop Fruit Bowl

Dragon fruit, strawberries, grapes, mint, chevre, strawberry+mint+balsamic reduction.

*Pairs well w/ a crisp riesling & being “…the key figure in an ongoing government charade, the plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials.” - Special Agent Fox Mulder

#CookOrDie #TheTruthIsOutThere